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Snapshot Synopsis 1.0

Snapshot Synopsis 1.0: Quick and easy thumbnail snapshot creation software. Snapshot Synopsis is a simple desktop application that allows you to capture multiple screenshots at one go of all your webpages or your affiliates webpages! This amazing software also allows you to quickly get hold of the fresh snapshot immediately and upload it in just a couple of seconds. This software is prving to be an awesome asset for affilates that create review pages for multiple offers as they can easily create thumbnails of webpages.

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VuPic 3.2

VuPic is a full featured viewer (thumbnails or normal) for JPG/BMP/TIF files. You may view, zoom, resize, rotate, crop, correct, and convert the files. The files may be printed (1-9 per page) with control over page layout. VuPic can create a Picture File which is a simple viewer containing 100 resized image files. It can also create a Thumbnail Album File which is a full featured viewer containing thumbnails for a folder of image files (3000).

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Website Thumbnail Capture 3.21: Create thumbnail images and download HTML source code of multiple websites.
Website Thumbnail Capture 3.21

Thumbnail Capture tool creates thumbnail screen shots of web pages, downloads underlying HTML code and saves them to your hard drive. The software allows to load and save up to a thousand URLs at once and create galleries of thumbshots. Several web screen shot resolution sizes are supported. Batch processing is available: just load a list of URLs in a plain ASCII format in this program, click once button and a gallery of thumbnail images and HTML

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Fun Thumbs 1.0: Easy-to-use picture thumbnailer with added image special effects
Fun Thumbs 1.0

Fun Thumbs is feature-rich software which makes it simple and enjoyable to create attractive thumbnails of your photo collections. This software gives you full control over your thumbnail sizes, names and allows you to add special effects such as frames, patterned edges faded into the image, solid colored borders, button effects, sepia tone effects and more! It also uses the thumbnails to create web pages.

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Web It! 2.61: Automated Batch HTML-based Thumbnail Gallery Generator
Web It! 2.61

Web It! is an automated HTML-based Thumbnail Gallery Generator which allows you to create professional looking thumbnail galleries with ease. It gives you alot of flexibility in creating thumbnail galleries without the need to understanding HTML. Saving precious time performing this mundane task. It allows you to create HTML containers for your images so you could add banners and any HTML tags. Web It! can be used as a cataloging tool.

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Generate Thumbnail 1.0.0: Easily resize thousands of large size photos or images.
Generate Thumbnail 1.0.0

created with Generate Thumbnail are ready to be published or upload on the web (your own site, photo sharing or networking sites such as Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, etc.). Share your family, vacation, personal and other photo albums with your friends! Batch resizing images can be time consuming. This free software literally cuts that time by automatically resizing images, in batches, based on your pre-defined settings. Generate Thumbnail scaled-down

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ThmIndxr 01.22: ThmIndxr(tm) creates HTML thumbnail index pages of graphics image directories
ThmIndxr 01.22

ThmIndxr(tm) creates thumbnail index pages of graphics image directories. It automatically writes all of the HTML code required for building a Web page, and creates the thumbnail images that are a key part of building a page that will load quickly. After running ThmIndxr(tm), just load the HTML file, the thumbnail directories, and your original images onto your server. As soon as the pages are loaded onto the server, they are "ready to go."

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